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Are your employees barely hanging on?

Many people are barely hanging on'. The impact of prolonged anxiety and stress on emotional wellbeing and work performance is HUGE -  at a time when organisations need their people to perform at their peak. Staying Strong is a powerful programme that strengthens employees wellbeing. It builds...

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Needing an ’emotional vaccine’?

Staying Strong is a powerful 'emotional vaccine'. Provided in the recommended dosages - it will build employees’ emotional fitness – resilience, optimism, ownership and flexibility – allowing them to persevere during tough times. It also equips HR and leaders with the tools and skills to demonstrate their care...

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Looking for a way to meaningfully support your employees?

"Almost everyone I know has faced some form of pandemic fatigue. In the face of these increasing demands, offering resources that build capacities in business leaders to respond as caregivers is a key job of HR." - Abbreviated quote of Dave Ulrich in people Leaders Report...

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