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Growing the Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and leadership skills of Community Leaders

Scatec is an integrated, independent power producer delivering affordable and sustainable energy worldwide. A frontrunner in renewable energy, Scatec develops, builds, owns and operates power plants across emerging markets. Sustainability is integrated into Scatec’s operating model. Considering this, Scatec recognises the importance of developing rewarding long-term...

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StudyTrust students Thrive! despite COVID-19

For over 45 years, StudyTrust (a national bursary organisation) has empowered youth by connecting high-potential learners with bursary opportunities. Its founding is centered on the conviction that potential is equally distributed in the population, and making opportunities and support available to all is key to...

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StudyTrust partners with Free To Grow to empower SA’s youth

Established in 1974, StudyTrust is a national bursary organisation that has its roots in the moral and personal support of its bursary holders. Central to its founding is the conviction that potential is equally distributed in the population and that making opportunities and support available...

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