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Effective Recognition 4 Enhanced Engagement Mini-workshop

Amongst the many drivers of engagement and performance, recognition stands out as the one that is easiest to achieve and cheapest to implement. It also stands out as one of those with the biggest impact on motivation, discretionary effort, productivity, and retention. And yet, recognition is...

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Growing High-Performing Teams Mini-workshop

Effective execution of strategy through engaged, collaborative and high-performing teams is at the top of every CEO's wish list. This, unfortunately, remains on the wish list because so few organisations are able to effectively translate the thinking and planning of their often-brilliant strategies into action...

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Inspiring Leaders 2 Engage

In all studies of Employee Engagement, one thing is clear: no-one impacts the state of engagement and job fulfillment more than an employee’s immediate leader. Most leaders buy into the concept of Employee Engagement intellectually. The reality though, is that many lack the skills to create...

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