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Equipping Peermont’s leaders to help their people combat the ‘Emotional Tsunami’ of Covid-19

Globally, health experts are concerned about the continuing high levels of grief, fear, anxiety and uncertainty that individuals are experiencing as a result of Covid-19 – increasingly referred to as an ‘Emotional Tsunami.’   The need   The pandemic has also significantly impacted almost every industry, with companies in...

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Leaders: You cannot pour from an empty cup

The role of leaders is to inspire and equip employees to bring their best to their work every day. Leadership matters most during tough times and the role of a leader has never been tougher. Coach, Supporter, Confidant, Cheerleader, Strategist, Predictor, Protector, Implementer and Extremely Tough...

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StudyTrust students Thrive! despite COVID-19

For over 45 years, StudyTrust (a national bursary organisation) has empowered youth by connecting high-potential learners with bursary opportunities. Its founding is centered on the conviction that potential is equally distributed in the population, and making opportunities and support available to all is key to...

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