There is light at the end of the tunnel

Lockdown is easing (yay!) but it has taken a serious toll on our emotions and our pockets.

Money Sense: personal financial skills

A recent online survey by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), reveals that 46% of South African’s are dealing with financial pressure, 55% with anxiety and 40% with depression.

Financial problems do not only impact every facet of the lives of those affected, but also the organisations for which they work. It is estimated that a company loses two out of 20 days in production for every employee who suffers from financial problems. According to Josh Bersin’s 2019 Wellbeing Imperative Report the productivity loss, due to physical or mental absenteeism, is equated to a staggering R3.7 trillion globally per year.

What can you do?

As lockdown eases, organisations have the ideal opportunity to assist their employees to see the light by helping them to take greater ownership of their spending and explore what they can control to make ends meet. Feeling more in control of one’s personal finances has been shown to have a direct positive influence on anxiety, motivation, engagement and productivity.


Free To Grow’s Money Sense programme has equipped over 23 669 employees in 385 organisations with essential personal financial skills, providing not only the knowledge and skills but also addressing the underlying values and attitudes toward money that shape spending.

Money Sense does this by helping employees:

  • understand their money personality and the role money plays in building a quality life
  • learn to budget effectively
  • take greater ownership of their spending by exploring what they can control to make ends meet


What makes Money Sense different?

The unique Free To Grow blend of experiential activities and metaphor helps learners understand and remember difficult abstract concepts. The methodology is particularly powerful for entry-level employees and is even accessible for those with an educational backlog.

What makes Money Sense different

Money Sense surpassed our expectations by both creating awareness and giving our employees the skills to manage their personal finances more effectively. We stand amazed at the impact Free To Grow has had on our people and in our business.” –  Jacques Matthee, Organisational Development Manager, APL

Our contribution during the pandemic

We are committed to making a difference and are offering our Money Sense programme for entry-level employees at a whopping 50% discount. Traditionally a two-day workshop paced at a rate of one day per week, we now also offer shorter sessions focussing on specific themes.

Contact your Free To Grow consultant or Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619 or to explore how we can shape a solution that meets your needs.