Staying Strong

The objective

Staying Strong is an ideal tool to equip your employees to cope emotionally with stress. Its focus is on strengthening resilience, optimism and ownership – a mindset that will positively impact employees’ work and lives far beyond COVID-19.

The programme provides:

  • consistent messages of resilience and care creating a common language regarding wellbeing in your organisation
  • HR and leaders with the tools and skills to demonstrate their care and positively impact the wellbeing of their employees
  • a multi-layered blended approach with different implementation options.

The programme can be presented at different job levels, matching accredited facilitators from our team to the needs of each group.

Four implementation options
Face to face facilitation

Face to face facilitation: A one-day immersive workshop where employees get the opportunity to do a deep dive into the various topics or a condensed half-day session focusing on the key content of the programme.

Virtual facilitation: We can package Staying Strong in a way to meet your specific needs e.g. two x 4-hour sessions, or three x 2,5 -hour interactive, virtual sessions.

Train The Trainer: We equip your facilitators to present the Staying Strong programme inhouse (face to face or virtual presentation).

Staying Strong DIY Toolkit

A cost-effective DIY toolkit to use in-house for entry-level employees

Fifteen videos (5 – 7 minutes each) featuring short, powerful and relatable messages for use in team meetings. Delivered by inspirational, skilled facilitators with extensive use of powerful imagery that makes messages easy to understand and remember. You can either show them as is or we can equip your leaders with the skills and tools to facilitate team conversations on the topics.

  • Leader’s conversation guide: A step-by-step guide that equips leaders of teams to have short, focussed and meaningful conversations with their teams on each video theme.
  • A personal workbook: A simple, practical and relevant summary of the key video takeouts to review and share with family and friends, includes application exercises.

 Here is a powerful video featuring extracts of two videos in the DIY Toolkit

What sets Staying Strong apart

Staying Strong is designed by Free To Grow, experts in learning and communication with 27 years of experience in this field.

Free To Grow, Diverse team of facilitators

Our diverse team of facilitators ensures you of a facilitator suited to the needs and profile of any group in your organisation.

Relevant and practical content makes messages ‘land’.  The fresh, engaging and image-rich methodology make them ‘stick’

Staying Strong relevant for all job levels

Staying Strong is suitable for all job levels, creating a common language re wellbeing across your organisation.

Free To Grow, Staying Strong foundation

The programme is a natural foundation for our other engagement and personal mastery programmes.

Staying Strong, customisable content

Our excellent design capability enables us to customise the content or delivery format to meet your specific needs.

Click here to download the interactive Staying Strong e-profile

 Next steps

Contact Alinda Nortje on 082 852 6323 and or  Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619 and for a quote or to hear more about this offering and why it’s so different from anything else available.