What is holding your team back from high performance?

Supporting effective teams pulse survey

As remote work becomes the new norm, the need for high-levels of cohesion, goal alignment, planning, mutual support and accountability becomes increasingly important.

While many employees have adapted well to the new ways of working, effective collaboration and teamwork continue to be a pain point. This is according to 12 707 participants in a series of COVID-19 Organisational Wellbeing Pulse Surveys. The results showed that 45% of participants feel rarely or never supported by their co-workers, while 47% believe their co-workers are not doing what is expected of them.

Supporting effective teams pulse survey

Team effectiveness and mutual trust are the key measures of this pulse survey. The third in a series of four free COVID-19 Organisational Wellbeing Surveys, developed by Mindset Management in collaboration with a team of I/O Psychologists, it’s aim is to help you understand what is holding your teams back from effective collaboration and achieving organisational goals.

It does this by:

  • Tracking the strength of mutual support and open communication systems
  • Establishing a baseline on how your teams are doing with performance-driven communication and future-oriented planning
  • Anticipating and addressing the challenges your teams are likely to face with open-ended and structured questions that speak to the heart of the matter.

Click here for a demo of the analytics dashboard.

Then what?

Once you have detailed insights into how your team is performing, Free To Grow has the experience, expertise and tools to help you to support them. LeadConnect is a cost-effective virtual learning journey, covering the 5 elements of Jeff Hiat’s ADKAR Change Management model to equip your leaders with the skills and tools to respond to the challenges of remote work and enhance team performance.

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What our clients say about the value of the pulse surveys

Glacier Logo“The survey has added much value to us at this time. It enabled us to take the temperature of our people so that we can assist where it is needed. The survey asked exactly the right questions and were simple and fast to complete. The report was really useful and Alinda’s feedback to the Execs and then the Senior Management team was insightful. The whole experience was really a positive one. Thank you!”

Nomzamo Ngqulana-Kasana, Head of Human Resources, Glacier


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