Leaders: You cannot pour from an empty cup

The role of leaders is to inspire and equip employees to bring their best to their work every day. Leadership matters most during tough times and the role of a leader has never been tougher. Coach, Supporter, Confidant, Cheerleader, Strategist, Predictor, Protector, Implementer and Extremely Tough Decision Maker. Meeting increased operational demands while at the same time supporting and leading their remote teams, has put leaders under severe strain. It’s at this time that age-old wisdom prevails:

You cannot pour from an empty cup

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1. The impact of prolonged anxiety and stress on emotional wellbeing and work performance is huge – at a time when organisations need leaders to perform at their peak. Staying Strong a short, high impact programme, provides organisations with a tool to invest in the wellbeing of their leaders. The programme focuses on strengthening resilience and making lifestyle changes that can significantly impact coping ability. Leaders can either attend the programme as a leadership team or with their departmental teams, offering them an opportunity to connect on a deep level, something that many have missed.

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2. LeadConnect is a virtual learning journey that equips leaders with the mindset, skillset and toolset to lead effectively in the new virtual environment while meeting their teams’ increasing needs for a high touch approach (deeper connection). The programme responds to the challenges of remote work, navigating the virtual landscape with greater effectiveness and enhancing team performance. It also equips leaders to connect with, support, lead and inspire their teams.

Presented through a series of interactive virtual sessions, LeadConnect is bolstered by complementary tools that assist leaders to continuously improve the engagement, effectiveness and productivity of their teams.

Leaders can expect the following topics, tools and outcomes:

LeadConnect, Free To Grow, FTG, remote working, virtual learning journey, leadership development

The Impact

This is what leaders in one of South Africa’s most loved financial brands had to say after experiencing the impact of LeadConnect:

  • “It motivated me as a leader. It gave me tools to manage my team better and gave me the tools to get them to perform more productively.”
  • “I have used the APGAR stress card with my team and that was extremely helpful and a lot of value derived from that. We have a session on the SCARF model tomorrow. It is really interesting and I enjoyed this very much.”
  • “There are so many takeaways from these sessions I have really enjoyed them and have seen so much more engagement from my team after applying them.”


Let us shape a programme with you that will keep the cup of your leaders’ topped up over time so that they can continue to thrive and lead with impact.
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