Free To Grow Igniting Purpose Passion and Potential for Growth

Free To Grow partners with organisations in shaping and sustaining a culture of employee wellbeing, growth and engagement

We do this by equipping organisations to:

  • Nurture an agile and engaged culture that drives the organisation forward
  • Unleash leadership potential at the lower rungs of the leadership ladder and develop the ability to lead and engage at all levels
  • Strengthen respect, trust, understanding and a sense of belonging in teams 
  • Enhance psychological capital in individuals and develop the desire and ability to perform and contribute at their peak
  • Create a sustainable impact and value for local communities and society at large.

Our signature strength is our ability to create and consistently deliver transformative learning experiences that positively impact individual well-being and growth, organisational culture, performance, and business results.

The Value we bring

To employees

Free To Grow Employee Value Proposition

To organisations

Free To Grow Value Proposition

Our Unique Value

Free To Grow Co-created solutionsCo- created solutions

Our solutions are co-created with our clients, ensuring that they meet your specific context and needs.

Free To Grow Innovative solutionsInnovative design & delivery

We view creating methodology and content that is highly impactful and fresh as our art.

Free To Grow bespoke solutionsBespoke programmes

We have outstanding skills and extensive experience in designing and developing bespoke programmes for our clients.

Icon Track RecordTrack record & footprint

Facilitators in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Free State, Western & Eastern Cape. Associates in Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Mocambique, Namibia, Nigeria and Zambia.

Free To Grow diverse teamAn experienced and diverse team

Our team of specialists provides our clients with a one-stop solution with seamless integration between different fields of specialisation.

Free To Grow Level 2 BBBEEBlack-owned business

Free To Grow is a black-owned company providing our South African clients with procurement benefits.

Free To Grow TechnologyTechnology

We are committed to developing and delivering innovative technology for surveys, assessments &  dashboards, and sustaining learning.

Free To Grow Quality SystemsAccreditation

Free To Grow is one of the few African service providers in this field with ISO certification. We are also accredited with the Services SETA.

Our Footprint

Free To Grow footprint

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