Free To Grow partners with organisations in shaping and sustaining a culture of high engagement and collaboration

Free To Grow helps organisations achieve in the marketplace and in the workplace through having a clear strategy and a culture of engagement & collaboration to execute it.


Our Contribution


Aligned Direction

Free To Grow ensures that every person in the organisation is aligned with the strategy and knows exactly what to focus their energy on. Read more


Visible & engaging leadership

Inspiring and effective leaders are the key to shaping a high engagement culture and driving business results. Read more


Engaged teams that execute

Teams across the business that are connected and engaged are fundamental to achieving results. Read more


Process Excellence

Customer satisfaction is a function of the business consistently delivering on what matters to customers. Read more


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Our primary offering is strengthened by our other offerings:

Free To Grow, Culture and Engagement programmes, FTG, Free To Grow offering

FTG, Free To Grow Leadership Development, FTG leadership programmes,

FTG, Free To Grow Individual and Team Development programmes, team growth, team building, personal development, Psycap, personal growth programmes

FTG, Free To Grow Coaching, Executive coaching, leadership coaching, Coach 2 Excel, Helping People Grow

FTG, Free To Grow Internal Communication

Our Unique Value

Co-created solutions, FTG, Free To Grow, customised solutions, customised learning programmes

Co- created customisation

FTG, Free To Grow innovative design, experiential learning

Innovative design & delivery

3. FTG, Free To Grow bespoke programmes

Bespoke programmes

FTG, Free To Grow footprint

Track record & footprint

Free To Grow team, diverse team of facilitators, FTG Licensees, FTG International, FTG South Africa, FTGSA

Experienced, diverse team

BBBEE, Level 2 contributor, FTG, FTGSA, Free To Grow, Black owned business,

Black owned

FTG, Free To Grow technology, assessment tools

Measure 2 Act Technology

ISO 9001:2015, quality management system, FTG, FTGSA, Free To Grow, South Africa, ISO certified learning and development provider, ISO certified engagement solution provider

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system


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