Client Feedback



“Free To Grow as a service provider and the impact of their programmes are, in one word, phenomenal!”

Reubenette Motloheloa, Learning and Development Manager, MultiChoice Africa (at the time)

Free To Grow worked like magic. The level of commitment and ownership of our staff and team leaders increased dramatically. Performance is much, much better than before and the past season was the best we have ever had. We now e.g. deliver 21% more cases than in the previous financial year and our PD Turnaround time is 57% faster. Relationships – including that with the unions – are much more collaborative then before. There has indeed been a remarkable transformation here.”

Moses Lubisi, Manufacturing Manager, CCBSA

“One of the most important changes we have seen in the organisation is a dramatic improvement in the trust rela­tionship between management and workers. Free To Grow also helped employees step up and play their part. This, together with other changes we brought about totally changed the land­scape and impacted productiv­ity positively,”

Willem Bernhard, General Manager, Blue Ribbon Mill and Bakery

“We were particularly impressed with Free To Grow’s approach to the leadership training which was complemented with coaching circles to facilitate transfer of learning back into the workshop. The methodology kept participants active and engaged throughout the sessions and provided an open, enjoyable environment. Free To Grow has positively impacted on our people and contributed to their growth. We value Free To Grow as a partner and would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Irene Kamau, Group Head of Human Resources, Commercial Bank of Africa

“Free To Grow supported the brewery teams at the different levels to mend the communi­cation channels through open, honest and frank discussions. They provided a safe environment and earned the trust of people through their conduct to encourage employees to open up and share issues and barriers that kept the business from performing at the required levels. Feedback from employ­ees at all levels of the business indicates a dramatic positive change in the way people com­municate and interact.”

Johan Gouws, Technical Director, Nile

“Feedback from line managers is that there has been a significant change in the employees. They have become more pro-active and have taken ownership and accountability for their performance. ‘The smell of the place’ has become extremely pleasant and more positive.” 9 months later: “Previously Pabod’s results in the employee engagement survey were far lower than our other breweries in Nigeria. This time it was on par with the others. Our performance has been the best it has ever been for a number of reasons, including the work done with Free To Grow.”

Yolande Chirwa, HR Director, Nigeria Breweries (at the time)

“Your programmes and facilitators are amazing and made a huge contribution. Your team is probably the most responsive and most professional I have ever worked with.”

Lydia Rolanda, AME HR Director

“I was amazed with how far we have come through the process My people are on board like never before.”

Lotta Sylwander, Country Representative, UNICEF Vietnam

Free To Grow stands out from other providers:

  • Iconic organisation: They set a new standard in all that they do: the design of their programmes, how they engage people in the learning experience, quality of facilitators, how they create buy-in and raise awareness before the programmes and the quality of their feedback during and after the programmes.
  • Professional service: The ease of doing business with Free To Grow is outstanding. Their service is of a level we have never experienced before
  • Amazing results: The programmes touch everybody’s hearts. We stand amazed at the impact Free To Grow has had on our business.”

Jacque Matthee, Organisational Development Manager, APL Cartons

“We had the best season ever, in spite of all our people attending the programme during peak season. Free To Grow, coupled with the operational improvement, had a positive impact on OTIF Performance, Internal rejects as a % of production, Annual Sales & EBIT and Operating profits/Payroll.”

Wicus Maritz, MD, Rotolabel (Division of Bidvest)